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Spellers Method

The Spellers Method incorporates research and expertise from the fields of assistive technology, developmental optometry, and occupational therapy to guide each student’s unique path to fluency, from their very first spelling session through their attainment of autonomous communication skills i.e., spelling without the need for a trained communication partner holding a keyboard.


Jennifer Larson’s son, Caden Larson, is a non speaking autistic young man that for 20 years had no reliable form of communication. In 2020, Caden began to spell to communicate and was able to reveal that he understood everyone and everything his entire life but just couldn’t respond. He said he was “trapped in a walking coma”. Holland Spellers was launched in MN because of his story. Our mission is to help all those non speakers like Caden that may be trapped. Caden is currently typing on a keyboard that speaks through an iPad and is in college in MN.

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